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110V All-In-One Grinder – 17″

U$ 3,499

The high performance ASL 110V All-In-One grinder is a light duty, single-headmachine designed to grind/polish/sandvarious concrete floors as well as stone and tile. Suitable for grinding and polishing small to medium areas such as garages, basements, porches, etc., this machine is lightweight and can be efficiently disassembled into two pieces for easy transportation. Also included is a magnetic driver that is compatible with diamonds, resin pads and more.

Because this machine is gear driven, there is no need for belt changes. This machine comes with four (4) 15 lb weights for added head pressure.

This unit features an optional water tank model for wet grinding.

Model: 110V All-In- One Grinder/ Polisher/ Sander:

        • Voltage:110V l 1 Phase
        • Current: 14A
        • Motor: 1.5 HP
        • Inverter: 1.5 HP
        • Disc Speed: 185 RPM
        • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
        • Grinding Width: 17 Inch (430 MM)
        • Disc Diameter: 17 Inch (430MM)
        • Weight: 207lbs (94 kg)
        • Added Weights: 4 x15 lbs Weights

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