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SB Acrylic Sealer – Gloss Satin & Matte

SB ACrylic Sealer – Gloss Satin and Matte is an acrylic liquid designed for sealing paving stones and new or existing concrete. This versatile sealer enhances water resistance, protecting against moisture, dust, and more. It forms a transparent film that effectively shields against harmful UV rays.

  • Sealer: improves penetration of oil, water, dust, etc.
  • Cures, seals and hardens the surface in the same process
  • Creates a continuous clear film resistant to yellowing
  • May be applied on horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Reduce penetration of chloride ions (salts used to melt ice); Protects the framework
  • Helps resist against freezing/unfreezing cycles and against salt penetration
  • Sealer on paving stone, stamped concrete, etc.
  • May be applied as a sealer on old concrete
  • Paving stone
  • Sidewalks
  • Bridges
  • Garages and parking lots
  • Exposed aggregates
  • Walls
  • Concrete
  • Silica bricks and stones