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T2 – 20″ Electric Floor grinder

U$ 4,999

The new and improved ASL T2 is designed to grind and polish various concrete floors as well as stone and tile. Suitable for grinding and polishing small to medium sized floors. It is lightweight, flexible and easy to operate, with a tapered shroud perfect for close grinding up against walls.

Equipped with a frequency drive that can adjust the speed according to different floor requirements. Because this machine is gear driven, there is no need for belt changes. This machine comes with two (2) 41 lb weights.

  • Model: T2
  • Power:208-240V l 1PH
  • Current:17A
  • Motor: 5HP(3.7KW)
  • Inverter:5HP (3.7KW)
  • Frequency:50/60 Hz
  • Disc Speed:300-1600 RPM
  • Grinding Width:20 Inch( 500MM)
  • Disc Diameter:10 Inch x 2 (250MMx 2)
  • Weight: 324lbs (147kg)
  • Added Weights: 2 x 41lb weights

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